Trouble At The Palace

Trouble At The Palace

Beware of walnuts falling

There are lots of walnut trees in the grounds of the Palace. Birds often have a feast here. They’ve mastered the technique: They pick a walnut, fly up high and then drop it so that it hits the hard marbles on the ground at great speed and then cracks open. Osman the third would have a big surprise if he could see the marbles now, for they have turned bright green.

Watch them drinking soda

All the bin bags are torn as the birds look for empty soda cans, only to sip what is left over in the cans. They don’t spare any effort just to drink the last few drops of the sweet liquid. They wedge their beaks in through the opening of the can, lift it up in the air and enjoy their drink. Never mind all the mess scattered onto every square metre of the palace grounds.

End of the “Tulip Era”

Tulips don’t survive on the palace grounds anymore. These birds have an appetite for the bulbs and go for them on the day they are planted.

Strange Cravings

Black birds go for the mastic around the windows, silicone and even cables. They seem to treasure nails and screws too.

Kuşkovar bird spikes can help you keep the rummagers at bay.